Welcome to Crimson Mansion, where everything is not what it seems.  20 guests have been invited to a party, where one man did them all wrong; Dan Crimson.  But when they all start dieing, the question is whodunnit?

The SuspectsEdit

  1. Dan Crimson
  2. Gina Crimson-Onyx
  3. Jenny Crimson
  4. Mayor Phillip Citron
  5. Jessica Chartreuse
  6. Matthew Chartreuse
  7. Lady Teresa Sapphire
  8. Proffesor Christopher Garnet
  9. Victoria Alexandrite
  10. Andrea Pearl
  11. Caitlyn Pearl
  12. Madama Alyssa Goldenrod
  13. Ms. Jennifer Periwinkle
  14. Marucs the Butler
  15. Officer Henry
  16. Prospector Robert Pigskin
  17. Paul Navern
  18. Stacy the Cook
  19. Kimberly the Maid
  20. J.T. the Pauper

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