“Welcome to Deces Manor. My name is Wilson, and I will be your butler during your stay here. But, I must mention a slight problem with this house. Its call Deces Manor for a reason, because anyone who has ever stayed here has been murdered. However, I’m sure this time it won’t happen, and my assistants and I will make sure of it. Now, please gather your backs, and we will escort you to your rooms.” Wilson said, smiling. He turned and walked up the stairs.

Season 1
Original Run: July 27th, 2013 - TBA Deces Manor
Days/Episodes 9/9
Channel: Wikia
Created by: Patts9009
Hosted by: Wilson
Winner: N/A
Runner-up: N/A
The Killer: N/A
Previous Season:
Next Season:
To Be Announced


Contestant Age Finish
Jason Jason Shin 26
Brandon Brandon McNamara 20
Noel Noel Salmassi 22
Derek Derek Korenic 27
Lilly Lilly “Lilyeep” McCarvill 23

1st Killed

Day 1

Steven Steven Marianso 35

3rd Killed

Day 3

Nick Nick Briars 46

2nd Killed

Day 2

Oliver Oliver Biggson 52
Elliot (1) Elliot Bentley 28
Kelly Kelly Walkerson 27
John traven Mr. X (John Traven) 34


Contestant Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4
Jason Spared Spared**
Brandon Spared** Spared
Noel Spared** Spared
Derek Spared Spared
Oliver Spared Scared
Elliot Spared** Spared**
Kelly Spared Spared
Mr. X Spared Spared
Steven Scared Scared Murdered
Nick Scared Murdered
Lilly Murdered

(** indicates who solved the riddle.)


Contestant Day 1 Day 2 Day 3
Jason Steven Steven
Brandon Mr. X Mr. X
Noel Kelly Mr. X
Derek Mr. X Mr. X
Oliver Mr. X Mr. X
Elliot Mr. X Mr. X
Kelly Mr. X Steven
Mr. X Jason Jason
Steven Oliver Oliver Murdered
Nick Steven Murdered
Lilly Murdered




  • Although somewhat racist, this is the first season of Deces Manor to not have a black guy in it.