Fanon Policy are rules to follow in order to make your own fanon season. These are also to help if you have questions. Any other questions shall be directed towards the admins.

Creating a SeasonEdit

  • In order to create your own season, make sure to go to the "contribute" button near the top and click "make a page." Then you can type away!!
  • Don't copy people's ideas unless the author gives you permission. If someone is copying, report to an admin and that admin will give them a warning. If they continue, they will receive a block.


  • Making contestants may be used at or any other website where you are able to make people.
  • Never use real people while using contestants. All-Star seasons are the only time you may use real people, HOWEVER, they must be from a Whodunnit? season.
  • Never copy people's contestants unless you are granted permission to use them.
  • Do not use bad language in contestant's names. This may lead to a block.
  • Make sure to create pages for your contestants, you could put very interesting things about them!!!
  • Make sure to add their occupations, age, and hometown. However, you do not have to add them right away.


  • When making episodes, they have to be either in paragraph or dialogue form. Paragraph is a summary while dialogue is what people say exactly.
  • USE CORRECT GRAMMAR. Spelling mistakes can be easily fixed, and only use slang if a contestant or Giles (or any butler you create) says something of the sort. Use correct punctuation, paragraphs, sentences, ect.
  • No bad language. Use words like *bleep* or ***** when using curse words.


  • Add the following to contestant's pages:
    • Player
    • Male/Female Player
    • (Season) Player
    • (Author's) fanon
  • Use the following for episodes:
    • Episodes
    • (Season) Episodes
    • (Author's) fanon
  • ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS add categories. Un-categorized pages will be categorized and reported to the user as a warning because of not following policy.
  • Only add necessary categories. You may be reported for adding unnecessary categories.

THIS PAGE IS NOT FULL YET. Admins will add or delete certain policies if they have problems. This wiki has not quite grown yet so the policy is small, but once more people start coming there will be more policies to follow.