Lilly McCarvill
Age: 23
Occupation: Student
Season: 1st
Placing: 11th
Result: Murdered
Role: First Victim
Ep. of Death: Diving Toy
COD: Drowning
TOD: Noon on Day 1

Lilly McCarvill is a student that joined to make friends. She is the first victim of this season.


Lilly joined the contest only to make friends, but her bubbly personality was too much for "The Killer", so he wanted her silent and then killed her.


The "killer" went into the laundry room before Lilly and poured a bottle of chloroform into the dryer. The "killer" than hid in the closet in the room and waited. Lilly skipped into the laundry room, opened up the drying machine and pulled out a freshly dried shirt, which also had chloroform on it, and Lilly sniffed it. She fell on the spot, unconscious, as the "killer" came out of the closet and dragged her outside.

When outside, the "killer" took Lilly's unconscious body and tied a a piece of Nylon rope around her ankle. The "killer" proceeded to tie the other end of the rope to a heavy enough rock to hold down Lilly. The "killer" pushed the rock into the pool and it dragged Lilly in with it. Lilly was held under long enough for her to drown.


  • She is the first victim and first female to die.