Nick Briars
Age: 46
Occupation: Unemployed
Season: 1
Placing: 10
Result: Murdered
Role: Contestant
Scared: 1 time(s)
Ep. of Death: The Cashew Choose
COD: Allergic Reaction then Suffocation.
TOD: Before breakfast on Day 2


The first day at the mansion, he does not talk much to the rest of the group, other than Steven. He shared a beer with Steven before he was chosen to be killed.

Diving ToyEdit

During Lilly's death, Nick chose to examine the crime scene with Brandon, Noel, and Oliver. Nick was the first one to find the knife in the bushes. And although there was no blood on the knife, Nick at first thought the killer slit Lilly's throat, but he kept it inside. When the group was done investigating, Nick did not go and mingle with the others, in turn, not getting any information.

The riddle came in, and Nick did nothing to solve it. He, instead, went into the kitchen with Steven and shared beers with him. In the end, Nick got Scared and was the next one to die. Nick didn't even really care that he got a Scared card.


The Cashew ChooseEdit

Nick would always sit downstairs in the dining room, and he would drink a beer. The "killer" knew this, and on the morning Nick's death, the "killer" quietly sneaked into the kitchen and took a bottle of Peanut Oil from the cabinet. Using a turkey baster, the "killer" put the Peanut Oil into the bottle that Nick had set for later.

The "killer" then washed out the turkey baster and the other bottles to ensure that Nick took the one. When Nick took a sip of the peanut beer, he began to have a lethal allergic reaction. The "killer" then ran up behind Nick and secured him to the chair. The "killer" then stuffed a cloth into Nick's mouth so he can't cough up the beer, and also suffocating Nick.


Nick accused Steven as the murdered, although he earlier shared a beer with him.

However, no one accused him of being the killer.


  • He is the first contestant to "die", also a male contestant (as Lilly's the first victim).
  • Nick accused Steven, who died the next episode.