This is the second Whodunnit series by Jacob Garofalo. It takes place when Washington, D.C., Arlington and all nearby area is locked down. Giles, a worker, several other staff, 14 guests, several hostage government officials and the killer are trapped, and forced into a diabolical murder scheme. The competitors are:

Name Age Job
Milo Carnetion 25 DJ
Phineas Sawyer 67 Retired Cop
Echo Frenis 34 Paramedic
Emmanuel Bernette 39 Chocolate Shop Owner
Carly Servel 24 Video Star
Troy Ciannavve 41

Dog Competition Judge

Sara Nakers 28 Football Coach
Ethan DeLamontae 45 Funerary Worker
Griffin Sedies 58 Deacon
Thalia Anamethais 18 Unemployed, College Student
Harry Stergen 32 Ornothlogist
Dylan (female) Becker 23 Fast Food Worker, College Student
Malea Iauco 31 Travel Critic
Tori Amenasi 27 D.C. Native, Unemployed, Living With Parents

Gigi Nilos.                          43.      At Home- Mom

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