Whodunnit: Murders of a Red Herring is an online Whodunnit series by Jacob Garofalo. It follows 17 guests who arrive at a stay-in amusement park, where one of them, a hidden killer, knocks each of in typical Whodunnit fashion. The special change is that each murder is a Red herring, and looking deeper is key to surviving.

The contestants are:

Name Age Job
Andrew Skesis 27 Medical Orderly
James Dixon 32 Unemployed, Living With Parents
Lexi Alexander 19 Professional Gymnast
Monroe Syracuse 58 Oil Tycoon
Neveah Lilas 45 Culinary Artist
Samantha Rio 24 Cinema Critic
Shawn Anathema 61 Retired Brain Surgeon
Pabla Karina 47 Minor Sculptor
Toby Nero 37 Retail Executive
Teresa Lee 28 Unemployed, Living With Parents
Ari Miama 29 Fisher
Lori Crafangau 35 Florist
Jesse Rani 64 Retired Car Mechanic
Zayn Villa 18 Video Star
Doris Nadine 56 Unemployed Widow
Nico Hycanithus 38 Computer Programmer
Jason Salter 22 Pyrotechnician

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