Season 1
Original Run: August 1, 2013 - N/A Zodiac3
Days/Episodes 9/9
Created by: Tesla Man
Hosted by: Roberts the Bellhop
Winner: N/A
Runner-up: N/A
The Killer: N/A
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Hello Guests. My name, is Roberts, and i will be your bellhop for the remainder of your stay, and welcome to Zodiac Inn. On the closing of this hotel's anniversary, today, we are here in remembrance of a fateful event. Fifty years ago, a killer ravaged through this inn. Door to door he knocked, with each unlucky guest that opened up, another body dropped to the floor. Today, that spirit lives on. In your inn, so ironically renamed, the past, comes back to life.

Before we begin, the truth is- you are trapped. Just weeks before, this remote and abandoned inn was bought by one of you, the identity of whom remains to be unknown, even to I. So we could in fact say that we are all in this together, even though you will remain paranoid throughout your stay. Turning on each other and dividing, in the end, there will only be three of you. Ladies and Gentlemen- Enjoy your stay.

— Roberts (Bellhop)

Zodiac InnEdit


Contestant Age Finish
Quincy Faraday 35
Carolyn Jensen 34
Jesse Mageau 40
Nicole Ferrin 28
Lewis Hartnell 47
Alice Shepard 41
Harold Stine 35
Lisa Stride 21
Dexter Kelley 41
Lois Eddowes 27
Aaron Chapman 27
Roman Nichols 33